Dr. Milan Stankovic

General Collaboration Terms

(FR) Ces conditions sont mises à disposition uniquement en anglais. Si vous ne le parlez pas, veuillez vous référer à un moteur de traduction, e.g. Google Translate.Aucune responsabilité pour la qualité de la traduction n’est assumée.

(EN) These terms apply to any collaboration relationship you may have with me, regardless of the form (for example, not limited to, a service contract or work contract or any other form of formalized or ad-hoc relationship in the context of which you deliver efforts in coordination, in collaboration or in contact with me). In the event that any stipulation in any particular contract, written or verbal understanding, might turn to be in contradiction with these terms, such stipulation is considered void – these General Collaboration Terms apply.

If, within a collaboration relationship with me, you agree (verbally or in written or otherwise let me believe) on a date by which you will do something, and you encounter circumstances preventing you from doing it by that date, I expect you to inform me about it prior to that date. If by that date, you both fail to do it, and fail to inform me about the circumstances preventing you from doing it, you cannot expect to continue being in a collaboration relationship with me and you cannot expect any compensation related to your efforts or to the interruption of the collaboration relationship. Furthermore, I reserve the right to hold you responsible for any damage that might result from your disregard of the aforementioned expectations.

If you are unable to commit to these simple terms, basics of a respectful relationship, you cannot expect to be collaborating with me in any way.

Effective since 2019-06-29.