Milan Stankovic


A series of portraits created under masterful guidance from Jean-François Robert.

A Postcard From Now

Portraits of my mother.


Founders Program at Station F. Spring 2024 batch.

Walking Behind You

A series exploring the space in between created by two people sharing life.

Mileva Campaign

A capmaign for Mileva - a Serbian diaspora brandy e-commerce platform.


Photography is inseparable from my experience of life. It is an empirical pursuit of the perceivable existence, an artefact of projection, and an instrument of dialogue.

Through photography I explore the limits of human cognition. The other as a medium for discovery of the self, and the self as a vocabulary for defining the other. I am interested in the createive nature of perception, and in the world we create as we perceive. I seek the truth of presence and the feeling of being fully alive.

Born in Belgrade 1984. Parisian.