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Full reciprocity: Regardless of you being a human or a machine, I only accept communications allowing me to reach back to you in the same way i.e., You can write to my e-mail from an e-mail address that I can reply to, reach me on my mobile phone from a mobile phone number on which I can reach back, call me from your landline only to my landline. Rest assured that I will ignore any communication coming from a source incompatible with this principle of reciprocity. If your own limits stop you from communicating in this way, then you cannot communicate with me.

Electronic communication first: Use e-mail. If you really must send me paper mail, then send me an electronic copy of it by e-mail first. Under no circumstances sending a document to me by paper mail (registered or ordinary) that has not been also sent to me by e-mail, can be considered an attempt of delivery of such a document to me.

Confidentiality: If you receive an e-mail, or any other written or verbal communication from me, please note that all such communication is confidential and that you might be held responsible for any unintended consequence of sharing it without my authorisation. Unless explicit license is provided, no authorisation is given to reproduce, disseminate, copy, modify or otherwise transform or perform any treatment of any content produced by me.

Consent: Receiving my personal data from me does not imply any consent for any data processing other then the processing necessary in order to reply to me. Regardless of the source from which you obtained my data, please note that I give no consent and I formally object to any processing of my contact data for purposes of marketing and sales, sharing it with a third party, or for purposes of any communications not conforming to the terms presented in this web page.

Global applicability: The terms presented in this web page reflect my general communication choices, and are applicable to all dealings with me. Is void any clause of any contract that might stipulate a possibility or the necessity to use my contact data or communicate with me in ways that would be in contradiction with these terms. Under no circumstances (even in written contacts) can a consent contradictory to these terms be considered an informed consent.

Collaboration: For a successful collaboration with me, you are advised to respect my boundaries.

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