Dr. Milan


By respecting my boundaries, you are helping me believe in your best intentions.

Time is my most precious resource. If you are on the receiving end of my time, I hold you accountable for what you do with it.

I value clarity of intentions, and questions that help clarify them. Assumptions are a waste of time.

When I clearly announce topics that I want to discuss with you in a meeting, it is not OK for you to get into that meeting and avoid those topics.

If you ask me for a document, and I take the time to have it provided to you, it is not OK for you to behave as if you have not read it.

I know, better then you, what is best for me.

Backchanneling (asking around instead of asking me) is a waste of time. Direct communication is respect. Because if you don’t trust me, I can’t trust you.

It is OK to cancel meetings in advance, and to be a few (up to 15) minutes late.