If you collaborate with me in any way, it is good to know the following:

hearing you

I don't listen to devil's advocates. You either have an argument that you truly believe in and you can defend it, or you won't be heard.

I know, better than you, what is best for me.

"There is no such thing as constructive criticism." ~Julie and John Gottman


A relationship (including a work relationship) is where we support one another to live our full potential. Anything less may look like a relationship but it is not one.

The ways in which we support one another may be different, but we seek reciprocity and aim to avoid dependence.

I am responsible for taking vacations, taking rest, showing up present and intellectually available. I expect the same from you.

Time is my most precious resource. If you are on the receiving end of my time, I hold you accountable for what you do with it. It is OK to cancel meetings in advance, and to be a few (up to 15) minutes late.

I don't micromanage. It is not OK to wait for me to validate your choices. "Ask forgiveness, not permission" ~Grace Hopper.

building trust

I value clarity of intentions, clarity of goals and questions that help clarify them.

I can believe in your best intentions only if you believe in my best intentions.

The moment you think "it's easy for Milan", it is safe to assume that our relationship has ended or it never in fact existed.

getting to know me

I don't do meetings early in the morning.

In addition to meetings, I also do interruption-free work.

I often do things differently than how you would have done them if you were me.

I have a reading disorder i.e. I read several times slower than an average person. If you give me any books, make sure I've already decided to read them, or that they are composed primarily of pictures.

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