I work as a founder in Tech startups. See below the companies that I (co)created. I also enjoy helping other founders grow through mentorship (especially cool when I get to see them win awards, fundraise, and sharpen the mindset as we collaborate). For details, you can download my cv here.


Blindnet DevKit allows to make any software system able to deliver privacy and restitute part of the control over data to the users. Building upon fundamental knowledge, it combines advanced AI with information security approaches to power the shift towards a privacy-enabled internet.

VC-backed, recommended by professional data protection officers, blindnet gained trust of clients in highly-regulated industries, and got featured in major French (Frenchweb) and US (VentureBeat) media.


The AI startup used Semantic Knowledge Graphs to recommend travel products that users actually ended up buying. It did it with 5x less user data than traditional machine learning systems, making it revolutionary in the context of e-commerce.

Sépage was awarded best travel technology award multiple times, in France and abroad, got featured in Le Figaro, selected in FrenchWeb500 - leaderboard of tech companies in France, and acquired in 2017.

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