Dr. Milan


I am currently working on new Tech start-up projects and helping other entrepreneurs grow through mentorship.

I co-founded blindnet.io, a VC-funded privacy technology start-up with operations in Paris and New York. Privacy is a prerequisite for connectedness and a biological human need. Blindnet develops technological building blocks that allow modern internet systems to regulate the relationship with their users through confidentiality and shared control over personal data. The company quickly gained spotlight in major French (French Web) and American (Venture Beat) media.

Previously, I created an Artificial Intelligence start-up, Sépage in 2013. The company was identified by Le Figaro as one of the six french start-ups able to imact the future of travel. It won awards for its innovative technology in France and abroad, was included in FrenchWeb500 - leaderboard of the French technolgoy companies, and seduced some of the largest French clients in its market. After having developed its technology, proven its market relevance and gained notoriety, Sépage was sold to Travelsoft group in May 2017 to pursue the next stage of its development. The company developed its own, advanced Knowledge Graph technologies to help Travel Businesses bring their e-commerce sites and applications to the next level. Those technologies allow, to infer that a user interested in Paris might be interested in France, that the one looking for Biarritz might be going to a surf week-end, and in general allow the computers processing data to become smarter, and offer personalized, more efficient experiences generating more sales.