Privacy is a biological need. According to research, compelling animals to remain in contact contrary to their own privacy inclinations, in laboratory settings, has resulted in physiological changes, reproductive failure, and adrenal dysfunction.

This website does not use cookies, does not track you in any way, and does not collect user data. Feel free to browse anonymously.

However, through interactions with you or otherwise I may come in possession of the following personal data concerning you: names and family names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, personal websites or social media profiles, photos (hereafter Personal data of interest).

Such Personal data of interest can be automatically, semi-automatically or manually included in my electronic contact book, in databases connected or being part of my e-mail software systems. As such, having in mind my use of third-party, primarily Google and Apple services, those data might end-up being transferred to a foreign country where servers of those third-party services are being held.

Such Personal data of interest may also be included in electronic files in the course of production of written documents such as letters, contracts, invoices or other.

I may use the Personal data of interest to: contact you; to formalize any contractual relation with you; to produce any file related to the relationship I might have with you; and to claim any rights or protect any interests that I might have in relation to you.

Should you have a request to exercise your rights, feel free to write to

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