I regard information technologies as an extension of human cognition. Ever since my PhD thesis, I am interested in knowledge structures that humans and machines can construct and exploit together.

New understandings of the brain and of relationships open up ways for me to explore a new kind of deal between humans and machines.

I am excited about metadata, inference, distributed information structures, and everything that can improve the quality of connectedness to the self and to one-another.

On these and related topics, I authored 60+ scientific publications in international journals and conferences. I acted as a member of programme committees of 20+ international academic events. Year after year, I co-lead a multidisciplinary workshop at the WWW/TheWeb conference – the most important conference in my field. I was invited to give a keynote talk and participate in Organising Committees of A-level conferences. I acted as co-editor of Books and scientific journals (impact factor > 3.5). For details, you can download my cv here.

I am a member of the Research Commission of Sorbonne University's academic council.

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